How Zoo Directors Can Increase Profitability and Portability of Concessions

Zookeepers take care of the animals at the zoo and zoo directors focus on the overall operation and development of the zoo. Directors are responsible for executing policies and ensuring that the zoo remains profitable. Many zoos are overhauling their concessions to increase revenues. Adding mobile concession stands is a creative way to revamp this aspect of the facility.

Though animal exhibits and shows are the main reasons to visit the zoo, food and beverages are also important. Visitors will not stay long enough to stop by the gift shop or attend separately priced exhibits if they are hungry or thirsty. Zoo directors can keep guests in the zoo and spending money by increasing the presence of concessions. Making it more convenient for guests to access these areas should have a positive effect on revenue.

Stainless steel hot dog carts on wheels make it possible to serve guests along zoo paths. These serve regular or foot long plain, chili, or cheese dogs and all the condiments. Some even have a cooler to keep bottles of soda, water, and juice cool throughout the day. Concession workers can set up their stands each morning and remain in one spot or move along the path throughout the day. If they go to where the people are, they will reap the financial benefits.

Though adults may be content with a hot dog and soda, children want to finish their meals with something sweet. When they see filled candy racks, they will make a beeline. Zoo operators can house these candy displays in cooled huts, keeping the candy from melting even on the hottest days. Buying prefilled displays makes things easier because these contain the most popular candy. Installing these in the zoo is almost guaranteed to be a successful move.

When the temperatures climb, few things are as refreshing as frozen yogurt. Adding self-serve yogurt stations to the most heavily traveled zoo paths is a smart idea. Guests will fill up their cups with creamy yogurt and load it with toppings like fruit, nuts, and candy pieces. Syrup containers that warm fudge and caramel syrups offer gooey toppings to complement the cool dessert.

Taking the concession stands mobile is an easy way for zoos to generate more money. The overhead is minimal because the equipment does not require much maintenance other than regular cleaning. Candy, hot dogs, yogurt, and yogurt toppings offer large profit margins. Guests and zoo directors will both be pleased.